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The Mountain Man Sled Dogs

Scout (Sola x Hank)

Scout is the only female of our four original Pups born in 2010. She is outgoing, playful and she loves belly rubs. Scout loves her spot on the couch and laying in the sun.

Sonic (Sola x Hank)

Sonic is one of our first puppies, born in 2010.  Sonic often had the privilege of running beside the teams. Now slowing down, he still loves to greet our guests.

Sparkey (Sola x Hank)

Sparky has proven himself to be a natural leader who loves to break trail. He has a distinctive voice like his father and an amazing attitude. Now retired, he loves to meet new people, lean against them and is always at hand for extra pats. 


Sneaky is a fantastic leader and mother to our “Chocolate Bar” and “Poker” litters, and grandmother to 4 litters. She has wonderful breeding and the kind of attitude and work ethic that she’s passed on to her pups. 


Samus is sister to Zelda and Tetris (Classic Nintendo theme). She is mother to our “Brand Name” and “Mythical Creatures” litters and grandmother to 3 litters. She is poised, mature, leads well and has been a patient teacher to the younger dogs. 

Zelda and Tetris

Sisters, Zelda and Tetris are both incredibly powerful. They love to play, and have been two of our most reliable leaders. Now both retired, they still love to be together loose around the farm. 

Sleeman (Sola x Shredder)

Sleeman has been a solid all around dog – running with whoever we need him to, including crazy puppies. He’s gentle and friendly, often being the chosen “walk through the village” dog. We always make sure that our guests visit him and his brother Porter.

Maple ​(Sola x Shredder)

Maple is a great all around dog. She flies under the radar, which is the ultimate compliment. She loves belly rubs and is quick to run over for some love. 

Porter (Sola x Shredder)

Porter is a powerhouse and is eager to run as much as possible. He is also a gentle and loving boy, who seeks hugs and doesn’t like our guests to stop petting him to meet other dogs.

Turtles (Sneaky x Crazy)

Turtles is the smallest of our ‘Chocolate Bar’ pups born in 2015.  This little lady is sweet and unassuming, but powerful and confident!

Twix (Sneaky x Crazy)

Twix is striking and delicate. She is a joy to be around. She loves our guests and draws them right to her.

Toby (Sneaky x Crazy)

Toby (Toblerone), like most of the litter, is a leader, a fantastic team dog and he’s very easy going with the other dogs in the kennel.

Snickers (Sneaky x Crazy)

True to her name, Snickers, has a great little grin. She is happy-go-lucky and is often at the front of the team with one of her pups (Money theme).

Oakley (Samus x Twitchy)

Oakley has a great attitude, and is eager to lead the charge. He’s affectionate and mild mannered, yet a dominant force in our kennel.

Spy (Samus x Twitchy)

Spy is one of the best dogs in our Kennel. He is poised, mature and focused, and saves his excitement for the trail. 

Roxy (Samus x Twitchy)

Roxy is one of our smallest females, but always impresses our guests by moving the sled all on her own! She thrives in lead, but is content to greet our guests and lounge in the sun.

King (Sneaky x Crazy)

King always gets a smile from our guests as he’s always jumping into the snow banks to roll at every stop.  He’s happy being out on the trail every time!

Queen (Sneaky x Crazy)

Little Queen takes her job seriously, she excels in lead and is a pleasure to work with all around.

Ace (Sneaky x Crazy)

Ace is a bundle of energy and eager to prove himself. He’s shown lots of potential and we’re excited to keep challenging him.

Joker (Sneaky x Crazy)

Joker is a charming and very well rounded boy. He’s easy to work with and focused.

Phoenix (Samus x Hershey)

Phoenix has a fiery personality, loves to talk back but is really a lovely girl! She has shown potential as a leader, but her playful nature is sometimes a distraction.

Genie (Samus x Hershey)

On the trail Genie is a natural leader. She’s well mannered and has a gentle disposition.

Dragon (Samus x Hershey)

Dragon is very bouncy and outgoing. He loves to pull, and knows whats expected of him on the trail. He’s an affectionate and playful boy.

Griffin (Samus x Hershey)

Griffin loves to jump, he’s always keen to keep moving, unless its time to cuddle!

Hydra (Samus x Hershey)

Hydra is one of the strongest dogs in our Kennel. She knows exactly where she wants to be (wheel), and the position suits her abilities perfectly. Her best buddy is Scotty (pictured) and they work incredibly well together.


K2  has stepped up and shown us that his favourite position is lead. He is a very focused worker and incredibly affectionate and outgoing.


Lexi is nervous with strangers, but is one of the funniest dogs that we have. She gets very excited when the teams are ready. She’s a terrible sled dog – she doesn’t have any power, but is eager to join in the team or run beside the sleds. 


Duke is a strong, thick boy who is one of our strongest dogs. He’s very popular with our guests due to his gentle demeanor and unique look.


Judy is always pleasant. She’s eager to greet anyone who comes near her and is a perfect lady. Her cute way of resting her chin on her partner’s back when we break on the trail, is incredibly endearing. 

Pirate (Aero x Oakley)

Pirate loves all people. He’s one of our more dominant boys and works best closest to the sled. 

Captain (Aero x Oakley)

Captain is a strong boy who often runs with his brother, Sailor. Captain can seem standoffish, but is in fact the most playful dog that we have. 

Sailor (Aero x Oakley)

Sailor is the more outgoing of the 3 brothers, he loves hugs and being around the other dogs. 

Riel (Candle x Reef D.Seavey)

Riel is daughter of a very decorated Iditarod race dog. She is a passionate runner and a more than a little bossy on the trail. 


Ava is happy-go-lucky, very soft and loving to everyone she encounters. She’s happy to be on the trail, happy to make friends with her teammates and happy to get treats!

Bill (Snickers x Spy)

Bill is the smallest of the money brothers, but brings a positive attitude to the team.

Nickel (Snickers x Spy)

Nickel is fast and playful. He and his brothers get along really well and often run together.

Cash (Snickers x Spy)

Cash is the biggest of the “Money” brothers. He’s doing great in lead and is a sweet, cuddly guy.

Penny (Snickers x Spy)

Penny is quick, playful and easy to work with. She’s taken to doing a handstand when she pees! 

Goldie (Snickers x Spy)

Goldie loves to lead the team. She’s full of energy and funny faces for everyone. 

Caesar (Goldie x Duke)

Caesar is powerful and loud. He loves to play, and won’t let you forget his presence. He has done well leading, but will likely be a strong wheel dog for us.


Curry (Twix x Duke)

Curry is the wildest of the “Sauce” litter and a little crazy before a run. She wants to go SO badly! When it’s time for play, she’s usually found with the best bone, or jumping up on an unsuspecting human.


Frank’s “Frankie” (Goldie x Duke)

Frankie has a gentle demeanor and a focus on the trail – but there is an intensity and passion to her when it comes to running.


Hollandaise “Holly” (Goldie x Duke)

Holly is the fastest and cuddliest out of our “sauce” litter. Like her siblings she took to running in a team very quickly and will likely be a great leader.

Salsa (Twix x Duke)

Salsa is taking after her Father and quickly becoming one of the strongest dogs in our Kennel. She’s smart and fast enough to be a leader, but wheel suits her power. She’s quick to ask for a belly scratch and loves attention.