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Sled Dog Care

Professional Mushers Association of British Columbia

Formed in 2011, alongside other BC Tour operators, joined with the Government of BC and the BCSPCA to create the “Sled Dog Code of Care”.

​Mountain Man Dog Sled Adventures adheres to, and excels in following the Sled Dog Code of Care. The care of our canine family is of utmost importance to us, and we are lucky that our tour guests support us and allow us to give them the best care possible.


To join and network BC commercial sled dog tour operators for the purpose of information exchange, professional support and operator unity.

To be leaders in establishing and maintaining standards for kennel guidelines, sled dog care and mandatory operator guidelines in BC.

To inform and educate the government, as well as the public on the working sled dog and professional tour operations in the Province of BC


a person and a dog on a leash

Fueling the Athletes

a dog playing with a frisbee in the snow


Sled Dogs burn mostly fat for their energy. Post Run, each dog is treated with a chunk of pure (local, pasture raised) beef fat. 
We collect fat (and bones in the off season) from a local butcher every 2-6weeks. We also acquire trout off cuts from a local farmer several times a year. 

a man skiing in the snow


In order to ensure adequate hydration and calorie intake, our dogs drink a “soup” of raw ground chicken, kibble and lots of water. Each dog is offered soup after their runs, at the end of the day, and more if needed.

a dog that is covered in snow


In a working day, we typically go through 50-100lbs of raw ground chicken, approximately 25lbs of kibble, 120L of water and at least 30lbs of beef fat.
Per year we feed:
3 TONS of Supreme kibble from Akela’s Den
7-8 TONS of raw ground chicken