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For a variety of reasons, we often have dogs that are looking for adoptive homes. Please email or call with any questions – generic or specific – and we will gladly give you as much information as we can! We can also supply more photos if asked.

Burton - adopted

a dog on a leash

Smokey - adopted

a dog sitting in the snow

Sansa - adopted

Sansa is a lovely petite spayed female. She was born in 2014. Sansa came to us in 2017. She is playful and has had lots of experience living the pet life with our young kids in our home. She will be a great companion in a rural home where she can have space to stretch her legs.

Fuchsia - adopted

 Fuchsia is a very gentle, affectionate and endearing girl. She was born in 2013, and arrived to live with us in the fall of 2016. Fuchsia has been spayed, plays (and listens) well off-leash. She is just not a working dog! We know that she will have an easy time adjusting to being a pet dog, she just needs the right family.

a dog sitting in the snow

Honey (Sola x Shredder) - adopted

Honey is a very gentle and affectionate girl from our “Beer” litter born in the fall of 2013. She loves attention and is happy to run in team, but lacks the passion that will give her satisfaction as a Sled Dog. We feel that she will have a happier life in a very active home environment. Honey is a small girl (about 35lbs) and is not spayed. She will be available for adoption in the Spring of 2017.

Amber ​(Sola x Shredder) - adopted

Amber is a sweetheart who loves belly rubs. She’s 2 years old from our beer litter and has been spayed. She will be a very active girl, but being a Sled dog is not for her.

Amber has stayed close to us, she’s been adopted by a young family right in Sun Peaks! We often get to visit with her and her humans, Kiaira, Luke and new baby Sasha.

Smokey - adopted

Smokey has been adopted by a family in Victoria BC. They called her a ‘Soulmate’ and now she enjoys bikejoring, and going for walks at the beach and park.
​Smokey is small, 30lb 4 years old. She has striking eyes and a sweet demeanor. She has spent a good amount of time in the house and is housebroken. She has been spayed and is ready to be apart of a family that loves the outdoors.

Jim - adopted

Jim has been adopted into a family of 5: Mom – Angela, Dad – Kevin, young Dad – Cameron, human brother Ian and dog-sister PJ.

From Angela about Jim’s transition to pet life:
I just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know how proud you would be of Jim. He is doing very well adapting to “family dog” life. We call him our gentle giant, he is so patient, calm, and kind.

Lima - adopted

Lima has the same sweet eyes as her sister Nazca (in the house). She, Nazca and Mouse were pretty inseparable in the Kennel and her presence is missed.

Lima is now living in Kamloops with Eric and Karen. She goes for big walks, hikes, ski trips (both Cross-country and downhill), camping and disk golfing. This new active family keeps her energetic, but also lets her sleep on the couch. Lima has also welcomed a new doggy-brother, Haste

a dog standing on top of a sandy beach

Fischer - adopted

Fischer has gone to Hope to live in a recreational sled dog Kennel with Connie. He’s going to help teach her dogs to be good strong leaders.Fischer has gone to Hope to live in a recreational sled dog Kennel with Connie. He’s going to help teach her dogs to be good strong leaders.

a dog running in the snow

Foxy - adopted

Foxy is always hiding something in her house; she’s very sweet and playful.

Foxy is now helping her new friend, Kathrine, plant trees for the summer. She has a new cat in her life and will be travelling across the country with her new family.